Is it possible to turn off cores for C2Q Q9000?

I was wondering, is it possible to turn off cores on the C2Q Q9000 (the mobile one)?? Or you have to have 4 cores on at all times? And I don't mean turn off on the fly, but rather like a setting you can change pre-boot.
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  1. Some BIOS's have the option to disable cores. Another way is Start > MSConfig (or Start > Run > Msconfig is you're on XP). Select the Boot tab, then Advanced options and you can set how many cores you want in there.
  2. Umm that doesnt turn cores off Confused Stu that just stops windows from giving them work etc

    Check the Intel white papers for that processor and see what power saving features it has etc but AFAIK they cannot be switched off but rather be set to a lower power saving mode etc.

    I do know the newer core i7 notebook processor can just about shut off individual cores and independantly clock each etc but not the Q9xxx series.
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