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Hey guys,

I recently bought an ATI 4670 GPU upgrade since I'd finally had enough with my integrated one, sadly I didn't check my PSU beforehand and it seems that I don't meet the requirements. My desktop is a Packard Bell IMEDIA X2414. The specs are:

Processor: Intel core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHZ
3GB of Ram (2xDDR2 2GB and 1GB)
Current GPU: nVidia 7050/nForce610i intergrated
Motherboard: Packard Bell BV MCP73VT-PM
FSP FSP250-60HEN 250W 20/24-Pin ATX
20/24-Pin ATX 4-Pin 12V Plug
3 x molex IDE, 1 x flpy, 1 x SATA
size 150mm x 140mm x 85mm

Thats what I have so far, I want to buy a suitable 500W upgrade but I'm worried about making the wrong choice, can I please get some advice or suggestions on what to buy?

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  1. Newegg has Corsair PSUs on sale...this 450VX with a 33a 12v rail is just fine for what you have. Corsair is a high quality brand. Its all about amps not watts. 33 amps is great for a 450w unit.

    Edit: helps if I post a link :sarcastic: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139003 lol
  2. Thanks Anort, but I'm on a budget and found this http://www.ebuyer.com/product/129422 . The reviews look highly promising and seems like a steal.
  3. You need an efficient and trustworthy PSU for a modern Rig.

    Corsair PSU will last much longer and they are very reliable.

    If your budget doesn't allow VX450.
    You can also get Corsair CX400

    Or this one is also good.

    Notice that these 400W PSU have higher Amperage than the one you listed(30A on CX400 vs 24A on 500W generic).
  4. Other brands to look for include Antec, Enermax, PCP&C, SeaSonic. I'd try one of the 5 mentioned. If your staying with the 4670, any of these companies 400+ will work fine.
  5. If your on a budget, Antec Basiq 380W? How much do you have to spend?
  6. About £40 Max, I got the 1GB DDR3 Version of the 4670 will the 380 or 400W versions be enough?

    Edit: I don't plan on any future upgrades till I get a new system.
  7. QUALITY 400W will be fine. So will that Enermax 485W assuming your willing to get it through Ebay.
  8. Meh, the seller seems trusted, good feedback and has a returns policy, the Royal Mail strikes are gonna be a pain though :/
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