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Seems like everytime I plan a build, the parts are discontinued on Newegg by the time I get to finalizing my decision. Nevertheless, I am going at it again, trying to figure out a super cheap setup to run Ubuntu (a Unix OS). I mean cheaper than $300 and to be honest about $275 sounds about right.

So I have been browsing, and trying to find parts that will be suitable. Now I have very little option because along these price lines is pretty much the bare minimum you can spend for a computer.

Editing this and adding new format thing:


BUDGET RANGE: $250-285

Internet, Music, Videos, Video transcoding, Video Editing (mild), and a little gaming if I can get them to work under Wine.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Monitor


AMD Platform but whatever has the best price to performance, very small hard drive is fine. My files will all be stored on an external drive/NAS, and the Ubuntu OS takes next to no space.



As of now I am thinking an AMD Athlon II 245 on a MSI 785G Motherboard, 2GB of DDR2 800, 400W Corsair supply, Cooler Master mATX case, 80GB WD Blue HDD (Files will be stored on NAS).

Thanks for any submits.
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  1. Oh Wow...interesting. That's a pretty good deal.....I will have to look at this further. Thanks a bunch.
  2. Well that really brought light upon the whole situation. I can save $25 easily by not even having to buy a DVD drive. My computer is a hunk of junk Pentium 4 2.4GHz with 256MB of DDR RAM. I have been putting upgrades telling myself I am going to build on sooner or later. Although this machine is old, I can grab a IDE CD drive off of it, putting cash back in my pocket.

    The only thing I will ever need a CD/DVD drive is for installing the OS which is going to be Ubuntu. that case, it is like buying a $25 operating system. That would bring the price down to $260. Luckily, I also store all of my documents on a 640GB NAS so I really will not be needing a $55 hard drive. Slash $20 and grab an 80GB one. Small, yes, but there is no need to over do it.

    So on your setup, I would have a AM3 Machine for $240. Great. So now, I will try to find a way to go about optimizing and customizing physical hardware, with about a $35 leeway.

    So What can I do to the above list with $35?


    785G chipset for $70. After that, total cost is $275.

    Not sure, but I think this is a good idea.
  4. Haha well w/o a need for an ODD and doable on an 80GB HDD your sub $300 rig suddenly becomes a little monster lol
  5. Wow, thanks for all the newegg input things. I see it is possible to get alot with less.

    And yeah, it will be a little monster. So I decided I might start buying the parts and then gather them very slowly until I have enough to build a box. What should I start with?

    I saw Corsair had a 400W Supply on sale for like $30-40. I may have to check that out. And that motherboard...maybe I will see if there is a DDR3 version to it, because DDR3 is really going down in price now...but otherwise that looks like a really great build. Hopefully I'll actually do it this time. thanks again.
  6. You are welcomed ^^
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