Amd phenomii x4 965 BE Stock core voltage

Ive recentley got a AMD Phenomii x4 965 Black edition replacing a phenom ii x2 565 be.after installing cpu heatsink and fan ( a xigmatek dark knight) using arctic silver 5 i booted into windows and ran cpu-id. it shows that my asus m4a77t motherboard has given it a stock voltage of 1.47 v which i thought was on the high side.ive got quite familiar with overclocking my old x2 cpu but when i changed the multiplier up in small increments the voltage shot up to 1.578.Ive managed to hit 4ghz by changing multiplier and bus speed with the core voltage at default of 1.578 and used prime 95 overnight without problems but this high voltage does concern me as ive read on internet that this higher voltage can kill my cpu. .Ive tried manually bringing voltage down to 1.5 but i get the BSOD at 4ghz....Is it safe for me to run my rig at the 1.578 v the cpu seems to like 4ghz at that voltage tested on prime or not. At the mo ive ive brought my overclock down to 3825.0 MHZ using a 255 bus speed and a x15 multiplier but only using an adjusted core V at 1.5.Im not concerned about temps because i use such a good heatsink fan and good case fans my system is 31C idle 55C load .my system spec is listed below.ANy feed back would be greatley appreciated.

Xigmatek Midgard Case
Asus M4a77t motherboard
Amd phenom ii x4 965 Black Edition , the newer 125 w TPD chip
Xigmatek Dark Knight Heatsink and fan....using Arctic silver 5
8GB ( 4 x 2) Kingston hyper blu 1600 ddr3 ram
Palit geforce gts 450 sonic platinum
Corsair GS600 power supply
300gb sata hdd
external dvd burner
windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
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  1. Quote:
    What are your temperatures after running prime95 for atleast 1 hour?

    I own the 140W version and I cap out at 1.57V in temps with my Noctua NH-D14 @ 3.9ghz with a max temp of 56C in prime95.

    If your temps are going over 60C during prime95 that can be a problem for your cpus life span.

    You should probably consider just dropping down to 3.9ghz and running at whatever the lowest volt you can for that.

    As long as the chip isn't overheating (going above 62C) it should be good but its not always a good idea to push your chip to its heat limits since it could cause your cpus life to drop a few percent. Try getting the best oc you can for 1.55V or under as long as your temps in prime are good.

    after an hour running prime 95 at 4 ghz my temps are 54-55C .at idle its 30-31C and thats using the auto voltage of 1.578' .Motherboard also seems to stay around the 26 - 27C.Reading your post has given me some confidence to try an overclock at the voltages i mentioned so long as temps are under control. Thanks..
  2. Quote:
    ok put your voltage to 1.4875 volts and apply the 4.0ghz clock.

    I tried the 4ghz overclock using 1.5 V but got the BSOD, so im guessing to lower it anymore would be pointless but out of curiosity i will try.
  3. Im not sure why my default core V is so high 1.47 at stock 3.4ghz with all settings in bios left at auto when ive read on the internet that the stock core voltage of the amd phenom ii x4 965 BE 125tpd C3 is a lot lower. Perhaps my cpu is faulty somehow, i dont know.has anyone else experienced a high defaut stock core volage with this cpu ??

    Well pc has been left on all night running Prime95 at 1.536v (adjusted manually) giving me 4080.0 mhz , 255 bus x 16 multiplier with a maximum temp of 55C. do you thinki it will be ok to leave it like this now and is there much advantage to be had over the 3.4ghz default speed ?

    The reason ive increased the bus speed to 250 is that it increases my ram fromm 1600 to 1700, which it seems to handle , kingston hyper blu 1600 9,9,9,27 at 1.65v DDR3
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