ATI 4350HD screen too big

I have an HTPC connected to mitsubishi 52" projections screen using a monstaer dvi cable. It shows up but the screen does not fit. the start bar does not show and when i open up windows i cannot see the _ and square and x buttons.

I have tried changing resolutions to all of them and i cannot see the full screen ay any resolution.

First time using this any help appreciated!!!
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  1. I had a similar issue with my LG 47LH90 HDTV and my HTPC.

    I solved it by going into the HDTV's Picture menu and changed the Aspect Ratio selection from the default "16:9" setting to "Just Scan". That fixed the issue. Probably called something different on your Mitsubishi.
  2. Can you pan? (which is move the mouse to the bottom and the screen shifts down) If not, it probably has something to do with what jaguarskx is talking about (TV settings).

    If that doesn't help, one thing I ran into was when my 4600 detected my Samsung monitor running at 59Hz instead of the correct 60Hz, and for whatever reason this caused something similar to what you are mentioning.

    There are also a couple check boxes to help with LCD compatibility (something like alternate frequency blah blah blah) that you can try.

    Browse through TV settings and CCC settings and see if you can find anything. Also, can you try that DVI cable on another comp (or another DVI cable here?).
  3. Thanks for the fast replies!!

    It does not pan.

    I browsed through tv settings, could not find anything regarding scanning. I also looked through CCC messed around with all resolution and refresh rates and nothing.

    THe exact modle of my television is Mitsubishi WS-65315 - 65" rear projection TV.

    I tried it with any nvidia gtx 260 and the control panel had an option to be able to size the screen and it worked great, very easy. took 5 mins. But I do not want to use the 260 to run an htpc. CC does not have such an option?

    I am using the latest version of CCC.

    ANy more ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  4. Have you tried playing with turning on (or off) 'Enable GPU Scaling' and trying the different settings below those in CCC?
  5. I just tried switching on and off the enable gpu scaling option. still no dice!! i just dont understand why the nvidia card can do it and the ati cant??
  6. Well, that is all of the easy ways I know of.

    Check out this forum. Maybe what they are doing can help (it looks like your problem).


    Quick summary: they are using powerstrip to set custom resolutions/timings to match their TVs/Projectors. The reason NVidia doesn't need this is because they have some form of that program in their drivers. ATI apparently does not. I hope that helps (nearly 60 pages, so a good chance of it). If you want to try it, I think I saw someone mention googling "powerstrip tutorial". Good luck!
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