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I removed a virus from a friends computer just a couple of days ago and ever since then anytime i try to connect to a network the computer says "acquiring network access" I have tried hardwiring it and i have tried wirelessly connecting it. I have even tried it on 3 different networks and it does the same thing. I have spent 2 hours trying to fix it but i can't seem to get anywhere with it. This Hp netbook is loaded with windows xp home edition. I tried to restore the computer, but roxio disabled the windows restore function because it interfered with roxios" back on track". and since back on track wasn't completely setup I now have no restore points. I have used rkill, as-well as malewarebytes, and avg free. Hp didn't even put a restore partition on the hard drive so i have no way of restoring it unless i order a restore disk from hp.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Should be a restore disk that came with the laptop, a restore partition, or a backup utility you an make your own restore disk on the laptop.

    I suggest a full re-installation of Windows here, he can order a system recovery disk from HP if needed.
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