Windows 7 Install BSoD

So, I have this mainboard:

And this HDD:

With a jumper on pins 5 and 6 to lock it into SATA 1.

And I'm trying to install Windows 7 64-bit from a flash drive. Windows 7 installation asks me to select a drive to install to, but no drives are listed.

So, I went into the bios. The bios does not seem to recognize the drive. So, I go into Integrated Peripherals, and set "OnChip SATA Mode" from "RAID" to "IDE."

Restart, go into bios, the drive is now listed as IDE Channel 3 Master. Restart, try Windows 7 installation again. It gets past "loading files," the Windows logo (the one with the colored balls) comes up, then I get a blue screen of death.

Restart, go back into the bios, to Integrated Peripherals, and set "OnChip Primary IDE" and "OnChip Secondary IDE" both to "Disabled."

Restart, same BSoD.

Does anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong?
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  1. your motherboard supports 1.5 gig sata but your drive is 6.0 gig. Do you have a jumper on your drive to change it to 1.5 gig? If not then you may not be able to use this drive as your motherboard does not support 6.0 gig drives.
  2. HI there,

    Would guess it has something to do with initially having the SATA mode to RAID, and later changing it to IDE mode. This also happens if you've installed Win-7 in IDE mode, then decide to change it to ACHI. (without a registry change first)

    I would start over, this time before installing the OS, set the BIOS SATA Mode to IDE, Onchip SATA enabled, both the IDE primary and secondary IDE channels Disabled.

    Then try to install Win-7. Do the custom install, and don't choose any RAID options or anything on the RAID menus.

    The SATA HDD really should work with the MB, although you will not get the inherent speed built into it.

    Good luck.
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