Overclocking my 2500k..

I don't know how to overclock besides changing the clock ratio inside the bios. Thats the only thing i changed from 3. something to 4.2 ghz on the cpu ratio. Every other voltage or fan option is on auto so I dunno if this is safe can someone please tell me if it is or what i need to do more?
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  1. forgot to mention my motherboard is GA-P67A-D3-B3 gigabyte and my psu is 800 wattts standard.
  2. please help!
  3. Now you must stress test to make sure it's stable. Also make sure you keep an eye on CPU temperatures. Download Prime95 and test it for a couple hours. Above all make sure you have adequate cooling. High temps are bad and fry your system. Stay away from 55C and higher.
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