New Build For Gaming - First Build.


I am a Gamer Usally Play Games Such a Call of Duty, Cross Fire and Photoshop.
MyCurrent Pc Cannot Handle the Spec Required. I intened to Build a new pc.

My Requirements are to have at least:
A Quad Core Processor
Good Graphics Card

Budget is Around £300-400

My Current Motherboar is: Micro ATX, 244mm x 218mm
Would the New Motherboard Slot into my cirrent pc case.

This is the new specs i have made:

Graphics Card:
ATI Radeon HD4850 1GB

Do You think it would be components would be compatible and a give me a good gaming experience.

Operating System
intend to Use is the New windows 7 Professional.
As Well As Have Windows XP on a Secondary Hard Drive.

I already Had a Sound Card Hard Drives
and DVD Drives I intend to Use
The Help is Much Apprciated.
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  1. Well I cant see the new specs and I can quite figure out what your needing... everything to me, is scrabbled up.

    At the top of the Homebuild page is a thread posted by TheAnimal, click the thread, and there is a list for you to copy, repost another with the information to help us out more.
  2. Thanks, Reposted
  3. the links don't post...
  4. This Thread Has Been Reposted Check the Forum.
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