i got an amd 955 amd a 4890 and 4gb ddr3 1600 and can only get 13k,,,.... is this right...?
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  1. Yeah, probably (depends on settings, AA res, etc.). I really wouldn't worry about old 3DMark06. Put a game on and see if it runs to your liking. If it does, you're set.
  2. why would it be most people with my setup are getting like 17k lol.... im sure not
  3. Are you at all defaults, no forced AA, 1280x1024 res, etc?
  4. dude ur way below what you should be getting.

    with my phenom 955 @ 3.8ghz, 2gb of ram, hd 3870 overclocked i get little over 13,000 points.
  5. 13,031 with my 955 @ 4ghz and hd3870@820mhz
    12,716 with 955 @ 3.8ghz and hd 3870 @ 820mhz
  6. i dont know whats causing low scores... everything is running well... hdd is defraged and computer is clean of malware... 64bit vista os....
  7. are you using latest drivers? double check in cpuz that the cpu is running at speed it should be at.
  8. ok i will check.... it will only be at speed under full load right??? so when 3d is running should i check cpuz
  9. yea latest drivers.... this is weird how its doing this...
  10. Have you tried 3D Mark Vantage? It would be interesting to get another data point.
  11. I have not tried vantage yet I don't have it. I dunno though
  12. All I'm saying is that 3DMark06 sometimes doesn't run well when games do. If you are worried about your system, I'd recommend reformatting and reinstalling your drivers very carefully and updating windows. Then reinstall 3DM06 and see what your score is. Is this a brand new build/install, or is this an existing install + upgrade?
  13. its pretty new
  14. godless said:
    dude ur way below what you should be getting.

    with my phenom 955 @ 3.8ghz, 2gb of ram, hd 3870 overclocked i get little over 13,000 points.

    You don't know what you're talking about. You're comparing your overclocked system with his stock system. Try running at stock and you'll get much lower. 3dmark06 is very cpu dependent. My q9550 with 2x 4870 get 16500 at stock, but 24500 with the cpu at 4.3ghz.

    @OP Your score sounds right for stock. Try overclocking and you'll get higher numbers.
  15. That's what I thought may be the case. 3DMark06 does very weird things sometimes and definitely isn't representative of real gaming performance.
  16. 3dmark06 is phenomenally CPU dependent. Here's an example:

    My i7+4870x2 CFX (quadfire):

    At stock clocks (3.33GHz, turbo on): 17k
    At 3.73GHz: 23-24k
    At 4.20GHz: 27k

    All of that without touching GPU clocks or anything - only the CPU clock was changed. Honestly, don't worry about your score. It's fine.
  17. is it because the 4870 has no physx and thats most of pc mark and vantage? if not what physx driver do i use cause i have an amd 550 oc to 3.8 with a radeon 4870 and i get like an 8 k woot
  18. He is talking about 3DMark06 which does not have the issue you are referring to. However, for Vantage (at least) you are correct. Having GPU Physx (we all have CPU Physx) skews the score up. I don't know the weighting for that section, but I know that section's score goes up tremendously.
  19. If Physx in 3D mark and Vantage is that important to you then get an Nvidia card, if not then move along. ;)
  20. The score seems fine. My i7 @ 2.66 and one GTX 260 Core 216 I score around 15,500 with everything on stock. My CPU makes the score a little higher. Your score seems fine.

    Another example:
    i7 @ 3.6 with 2 GTX 260 Core 216s with stock GPUs scores around ~19.0K
    i7 @ 3.9 with 2 GTX 260 Core 216s with GPUs overclocked is around ~24.5K

    My scores were for 24502:
    SM 2.0 9494
    SM 3.0 12437
    CPU score 6118
  21. yeah my 4970 1gb and my oc phenom 550 be at 3.8 gets 8k total marks lol but my games like tf2 run at max with 200fps :D
  22. I had a weird problem with 3dmark06 as well; my i7 OC'd to 3.8 was only getting 2-3 fps on the cpu portion, seemed odd. 13k-ish overall with that and a 4890, didn't seem right.
  23. That's normal. 2-3+fps is godlike on the CPU tests, 1-2FPS is pretty good.
  24. Overall may be a little low, but in the CPU section that's awesome. 3DMark06 scores are pretty pointless though, especially now. Software/hardware tech has moved beyond it, so it really isn't representative of new hardware performance in new games.
  25. amd-955 said:
    i got an amd 955 amd a 4890 and 4gb ddr3 1600 and can only get 13k,,,.... is this right...?

    Hmmm... I get 12.7k with AMD Phenom II X2 550, 4GB DDR2 800 and HD4850..
  26. So what you think, 3DMArk06 depend on CPU performance???
    I run it in 1920x1080 resolution..

    3DMark score: 12720
    SM 2.0 score: 5545
    SM 3.0 score: 6520
    CPU score: 2695
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