Can network card upgrade help cpu speed?


I'm a bit of a novice trying to improve my cpu performance.. Would upgrading a network card help my cpu performance while online??

Gigabyte 7vm333m-rz FSb 333MHz
Cpu Sempron 2800+ (running 2000MHz, can't overclock because bios won't allow and also because of existing 58c temperature)
VIA Rhine II adaptor
2gb ddr1 transcend 333
Chipset VIA KM400

Any ore info needed? (as I said, novice:))
Please and thanks..
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  1. Not at all. Your network card already is much faster than your Internet link.
  2. LOL, the only thing that can help your CPU performance is upgrading to a more powerful cpu (assuming nothing else is bottlenecking it).
  3. A newer card ties into the system more than the past.

    An older card uses less cpu.

    This changed for better acpi, and integration.

    the old cards are like war heros. :sarcastic:

    It is an oddity in pc evolution, in fact, it is the only one I can think of. Some of them even had built in hardware programmable roms for firewalls and all kinds of stuff. large clocks, etc etc.Today, one would write a firmware hub, integrated on the mobo, and used by cpu. I like the old cards. I kept one for a 633 mhz. ZERO cpu interference...just had to make sure the "irqs" are good.

    I remember the history of the newer cards unfolding, it left alot of old pros upset....
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