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May I please get some advice.

I currently have a Nvid Geforce 8800 GTS and would like to upgrade it to something better for the games I play. The only games I like to play are cod 4 mw, cod 5 waw and in future cod 4 mw2 and starcraft 2. Currently the 8800 GTS I have plays both cod 4 and cod 5 reasonably well but cod 5 seems to strain a little more and needs to be set to slightly lower settings which I am willing to settle on. I can't remember exactly what res I was playing on as I have uninstalled the game due to uni but I think it was 1280x1024 with everything else set to high.

I'm a tad worried with cod 4 mw2 coming out that I will be wanting to upgrade my graphics card as I like to be running a higher res and don't wish to lower settings any more than what was done with cod 5. Can I please get some recommendation as to what cards I could upgrade to as I don't have much clue at the moment.

I have been looking at the Gigabyte GTX 275, 285 and 295. A friend has told me to stay away from the Gigabyte though as he has had nothing but problems with the drivers, although when it works it runs beautifully. The GTX 295 at $700AU is a bit more than I would like to spend and the GTX 285 at $500AU is perfect price but again worried about potential problems.

Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated, I can also hold off until cod 4 mw2 comes out in Nov for any better cards soon to be available?


Running XP
Asus P5K mobo
Intel Core2 Duo 2.67GH
3.25GB Coarsiar xms DDR2 RAM
Antec 500W BASIQ PSU
WD 500GB HDD x 2
Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS


Samsung SyncMaster 226BW
1680x1050 res
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  1. I would definitely recommend waiting until November. No point addressing anything else now...just wait. ^_^
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    Any of your average-to-great cards out right will MOW2 just fine. It isn't a whole new engine and by no means should be it a rig-killer.

    The main reason to wait is probably the DX11 cards from AMD which are later this month. Pick up a 5870 or 5850 and you should be fine.
  3. Thanks guys

    Will hold off for a bit then.
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