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I forget where I read it, but I read that running an SSD at 80% of max capacity is best for optimal performance. Then recently I heard someone else say 70% is best. Which is it? Is it 70/80% of the actual reported amount of space or the amount listed on the box?

I was considering a 120gb ssd and a cache ssd but that is gone down the toilet. Now I am wondering if I should just get a 240gb SSD or 2 120gbs. 2 120s would be cheaper than a 240gb (Which is kinda of stupid). What concerns me is if I buy a single 240gb I would only be able to use 168/192gb of the space. Would I be able to use a higher % on a higher capacity drive?(Yes I am aware that two 120gb drives would yield me the same amount of space.) 80% hurts but not as much as 70%.
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  1. here is a link to the ssd optimization guides:
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    Unlike HDDs, modern SSDs shouldn't slow down when they fill up. Whoever told you that 70% nonsense is talking out of his ass. SSDs have spare area reserved out of the box, anywhere from 7-20% I believe, so look at the useable capacity in specs and that's what you're getting. You don't need to lower the capacity any further
  3. 70% is a little high or the other way to look is leaving 30% free for OP (Over-Provision). A SSD is similar to hard drive as more full the drive gets, the write speeds can slow down (has no effect on read). This steams from OP/GC/TRIM needing free space to work with. Here is a thread on the OCZ forum, which goes into more details...

    I recommend keeping roughly 10 to 15% free and limit (or avoid) running benchmarks, as they quickly eat up your OP and can cause the drive to throttle (more seen on Sandforce SSS's).
  4. Here's a link to the results of a 3 month long performance experiment:
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