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Im a noob to overclocking and need help to OC my 2500K (maybe up to 5GHz). I've read soo many different guides on what to do and what settings to change. I read what ppl had on similar setups to me on EVGA's modrig site. Most ppl changed very few settings on there OC's. I followed what I read there and these r my settings: BCLK manually set at 100.0, Multiplier set at 48 and voltage at 1.392. These r the only settings i've changed everything else is set on auto or default. I wanna go higher on the Multi thats y my voltage is high for the OC. Is there anything else is should/HAVE TO change? I don't want to damage anything but if I can run it safely on a high OC I want to. With the OC running SuperPi 32M calculation and Real Temp load tester and XS Bench all at the same time I don't see Temps over 50C. Please any advice/recommendations of things I should change please lemme know. Thanks in advance

CPU- i5 2500K
Mobo- Asus P8Z68V-Pro
Cooler-Cooler Master hyper 212+ dual fans
Ram-8GB Corsair Vengeance (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 PC3 12800
GPU-GTX 570 Classified
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  1. With the cooling you have, the way you are overclocking the 2500K is probably the best for your longevity.

    When you leave what you have left enabled 48x or 4800mhz is just an illusion, because it's throttling the multiplier down to 16x or 1600mhz at idle, you can monitor with CPU-Z version 3.60 to see for yourself what's actually happening.

    That's why you're only reaching 50c air cooling, the 2500K is also voltage throttling too.

    5ghz 24/7 will take better cooling than a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ even the way you are overclocking, you should be running Prime95 small FFTs at the 48x settings for a true temperature testing, and see what happens temp wise then?

    Run Prime95 small FFTs for about 20 minutes and see if your load temp stays around 50c?

    Additionally while you're doing that, have CPU-Z running and watch your multiplier and voltage readouts.
  2. Thanks, if I'm just gaming and transcoding etc. Does it make a big deal if I have the turbo boost enabled so it's not running at 4800Mhz unless it's needed? I'll try the prime95, with the way I'm overclocking is there anything else i should change to increase longevity? What one of ur OC guides would u recommend for me?
  3. There's nothing wrong with the way you're doing it, you could go further but if you are satisfied and stable with your present settings, you are the only one to please here.

    What one of ur OC guides would u recommend for me?

    Not mine! You really need better cooling to go that route, check out mrface's guide.
  4. Ok thanks, I mean I have seven case fans and my rig is in the basement with like 60 degree F room temp so it's pretty cool intake. I'll check it
  5. Try the Prime95 and see if your temps stay around 50c, you do have some headroom at 50c, but you need to discover if Prime 95 pushes the temps higher than 50c.
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