Upgrade laptop cpu?

Hi, i have a VAIO laptop, it's a great machine but I'm thinking about putting a better CPU in there Is this even possible? Currently it has a Intel Core2 Duo p8400 @ 2.26 Ghz. The motherboard is a ICH9M. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. A P8400 is about $220 from newegg. Anything better will cost more. Significantly better will cost much more.

    It's probably not worth it.
  2. it is possible. maybe, although it maybe very difficult to obtain (and expensive) a better moblie cpu and even if you can get it the cpu, the laptop may not run with it. it probably better to get a new laptop if you want want more cpu power.
  3. ^ Agreed. If you did determine that the notebook would support a better CPU and had the cash to buy one, you'd still have to disassemble the entire machine to get to the processor. In 90% of notebooks, this also voids the warranty.
    Of course, you could have a computer repair shop do this if you're not comfortable working inside a laptop.
    It's definitely possible, just expensive and difficult.
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