Enough Temp Room to OC?

Hi all:

I just re-installed my hyper 212 and added a pull fan which brought my i7 950 from 72 degrees at prime 95 load to 60-62 degrees at prime 95 load. I've also used AS 5 which should lower the temps more as it cures.

As my Core 0 (the hottest one) is sitting at around 60 degrees under 100% load, do i have enough room temperature-wise to OC with any serious. I'd like to get my i7 950 to 3.8, but am wondering if i need to find more cooling solutions before I start.

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    You can prime95 to 70-75c safely...That means you'll be way under that for games and other heavy cpu intensive apps. So I would say you have a good 10c to play with. Just FWI 70-75c core temp not tcase.
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