GFX card needed for E7525 chipset & Vista Ultimate 64bit

Hey all,

I got a copy of Vista Ultimate 64bit today and loaded it on my Intel Workstation only to find that now my nvidia 8800GTS card is incompatible with the system.

So basically, I need a solid GFX card (8800GTS standard or above) that will run on my system at 64bit. I hope someone here can guide me in the right direction... either to a new gfx card to get.. or drivers... whatever is needed.

To help, here are the specifics of my system;

SE7525rp2 Intel ServerBoard
Dual 3.6 Xeon CPUs
8gig ddr2 RAM
Antec TP Quattro 850watt PSU
Vista Ultimate 64bit

I have already updated the original nvidia drivers (they are correct) and have done all the essential Vista updates, but it seems the 8800GTS is just not compatible with the Mobo... hopefully I'm wrong and there are some drivers out there to help, but I sure don't know where they are!

I appreciate any help anyone can give me!
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  1. Still not working... the error msg is;
    'The NVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit'.

    And going through Device Manager it seems that the compatibility is with the firmware/BIOS drivers on the Intel motherboard.

    Even the intel driver update utility says the 8800GTS is incompatible with the motherboard.

    And after going through all the hooplaaaaa I think it's fair to say that it's 8800GTS ebay time.

    On the upside... and curiously enough... i put in my old Geforce 6800 Card in and it worked straight away smoothly with new drivers.
    So for now I'll just stick with that...
    Perhaps the 8 Series Geforce cards aren't compatible with the mobo hardware.
    But the 6 series are... in which case... which is the top of the line Geforce 6 series card?

    Anyway... thanks for replying zipzoom, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
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