Are temperature controlled fans any good?

I want to put some arctic cooler pro 12 thermal control fans in my PC (ones without the fan guard) but I hear that the fan stays at 500 rpm and does not speed up until 32 degrees C. Is this safe? This review says the fan's low cfm causes the ambient temp inside the case to be higher than normal.

I will be overclocking but my main concern here is noise cancellation. I intend to put a red LED 80mm fan on the case very close to the heatsink. This will take in air. Of the he 120mm fans I buy, one will exhaust from the back and one will intake from the front. My video card has a vapour x fan and my core 2 quad for now has stock cooling. I hope this helps.
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  1. If you are seeking to have the case cooling accelerate as the temps get higher with no manual input, this is really your only solution.
  2. 32c is usually lower than Idle temps
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