Why didn't SSD improve WEI rating?

I replaced my 7200 rpm 320gig laptop drive today for a kingston 120 gig SSD but yet my WEI drive rating remained the same at 5.9 after I updated the rating. I know it should definately be higher than that, so I'm wondering if the low rating could be due to having not plugged in the drive fully or correctly, or something.
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  1. Is the Bios set for AHCI? That's the usual culprit.

    Did you optimize Windows and the SSD?

    Here is the link to the optimization guides:

  2. How do I view or change that setting?
  3. Well, you already have Windows installed on your laptop.

    First make changes to Windows. Here is a link to the instructions:


    After you make the changes you'll need to reboot and go into BIOS during the initial laptop start up routine. Check your owner's manual for instructions.

    Here is a general purpose link that should help you with BIOS:


    After you make the change in Windows and the change in BIOS you can go ahead and do the optimizations in the first link I posted.
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