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i'm looking at doing some mid range overclocking on my corei5/p55/DDR3 1600 RAM/Core216 gtx260 SLI setup.

i want to get some aftermarket cooling if it would increase the longevity of my components and be able to push them to higher clock speeds and overall perform better.

does anybody have any reccomendations for me? is watercooling overpriced for what you get? is CPU/VGA/MoBo Chipset/Memory cooling much worth the money vs the stock coolers?
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    I would always recomend an after market HSF over the standard one supplied by intel. Not only are they more efficient but they are often much quieter too.

    Watercooling is fine if you dont mind the regular top ups required to the cooling loop - however the bigger worry is the chance of leaks.
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