Help tightening overclock phenom 965! Nb/ram/fsb.

Hi all,

Here's my current overclock, only messing with the multi and upping NB freq from 2000 ---> 2200 MHz.

I'm trying to tighten my overclock, messing with the stuff other than the multiplier or whatever you guys think I should do. If you dont mind also giving ideas on voltages relating to the terms in my bios that would be awesome :D

Also, if it helps...when i reset everything to stock clocks and voltages, I increased my cpu freq to 240. I tried 250 and wouldn't post. 240 was my max that will post (if that helps with anything just thought i'd let you know)

If you guys need anymore information please ask :D, im constantly refreshing my page haha
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  1. I saw cpu multipiler at x21 and fsb 200 = 4,1ghz and totally cpu voltage show 1.42V , it's good and kow voltage, Keep as posible at nb at 2000 it will give more stability,pcie at 100. Your cpu is BE, and ram not strong if too much raise fsb to 240. let ram under auto,
    Test your oc with prime95 4hours enough, if you get bsod increase cpu voltage control [0.100] also keep eyes in temperature max 60C when do stress test.
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