Streaming HD MKVs with Ethernet Powerline

So, I'm thinking of picking up a CinemaTube by Brite-View to stream my 1080p MKVs on my computer to my HDTV in my basement. I want to stream them as cheaply as possible. So, the CinemaTube is only $89.99 on Amazon which is great for a media extender. And to get an ethernet cord downstairs I was thinking of powerline networking.

My question is how much speed do you need to stream 1080p videos? I found a twin pack of powerline adapters for $59.99 and they get 85Mbps. Will that be enough? I know there is 200Mbps ones, but they cost more. My computer is connected to my wireless N router through ethernet.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Hi Youngster.

    I'd go for the fastest speed that I could get my hands on. Theres nothing wrong with having 'room to spare' in this case. I now that you are on a budget, but I like to think of this as when buying audio components - 'Don't scrimp on cables.
    However, I have heard that 100 Mbps is ample for HD. But also, 200 Mbps will struggle with Blu Ray.
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