Intel Overclocking On AMI Bios

October 8 2011,i overclock my CPU.
An Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2GHz.
I Enter The bios during a warm boot.
I Change Only The CPU Host Control:[Enable] CPU Clock Ratio:[x11] CPU Host Frequency:[219]
Save And Exit. It Runs Quite Well. I Install And Run f1 2010. Kinda Slow And i decide to overclock it a little more.NO problems or errors during that day.
October 9 2011,Enter the bios again after playing Assasin Creed Brotherhood.And Again,warm boot.
This time, i only change the CPU Host Frequency:[237] A total of 2.6GHz. Save And Exit. Then,it does nothing weird and i run the f1 2010. Really really simplified. no lags or glitches at all. Then, i shut it down after having fun gaming with it.
After 2 Hours of sleeping,i re-on my pc. This time, the bios preview me errors. I didn't focus anything else except this:
Overclocking Failed.
Overvoltage Failed.
I Had no other choice just to re-set all the settings to 2.4GHz. I've been trying to locate and adjust the FSB Overvoltage control and CPU voltage control.It turns out i failed to find anything similar to it. Need Help,Advice,Notes OR Reply As Soon as possible.

Thank You Tom's Hardware Forums!
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  1. pepe2907 said:

    Sorry for the late reply. I did reply you,but i post it on the wrong area.
    Ok,about the link...
    Almost The Same. You can see from the page, the 1st image,yup. 100% look like it.
    But,on the 2nd image, only a few things there on my bios, not a whole bunch of settings available just like in the image 2.
    Everything in the image Look just the same. but, most of the configuration i didn't have on my bios. And, my MoBo is a Asus P5GC-MX Mobo (X Series) with bios version 0203.(i Guess?)And to notify you that i already overclock my cpu succesfully.a total of 2.6GHz.i found out that the problem is the DRAM frequency.I already configure it.The main problem is,i couldn't set the Vcore And my FSB voltage.I'm Afraid that my CPU is unstable.The CPU is running quite well after i done my overclocking for the 5th time. Thanks for the link by the way, i really appreciated it. I will see more about it.
    Btw,Thanks For the link agn. it's really useful info. :wahoo:
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