Performance Increase Vertex 2 vs Agility 3 120GB

Hey guys i'm looking for a 120 GB for a new system to use as a boot drive and to store most-used programs, mainly gaming, video software and watching and everyday. I have a 64GB SSD on my current PC and found it to lack enough space. Here are some of the components:

MSI P67A-GD80 motherboard
Intel i5-2500k
Antec Kuhler h20 620
2 x 4GB Muskin Stiletto
500GB Seagate 7200.12 HDD

My decision is between the OCZ Agility 3 and the Vertex 2. Obviously the Agility 3 is much better, but I need to know if it's worth the money.

Vertex 2 120: $150 after $30 MIR
Agility 3 120: $200 after $20 MIR

Also, should I am considering waiting and evaluating the price/performance of the Corsair Force 3.

My budget is quite thin at the moment so if i can save 50 bucks i want to. Is the performance gain from the agility 3 worth the $50 premium over the older Vertex 2.

thanks in advance!
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  1. Pretty simple. You have a P67 motherboard that is SATA III capable. You should be looking at SATA III ssd's. That rules out the Vertex 2 which is only SATA II.

    When the new Corsair Force 3 is released wait until the technical reviews are published. Preliminary information indicated it should be able to easily compete with the OCZ Vertex 3. In addition Corsair pricing is reported to be very aggressive.
  2. thanks for the advice. i've looked at NCIX and the force 3 series is at 240$. i'm afraid that too far out of my budget :(
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