PNY 9600 GSO @ 68-70 Idle, 75c with load

I have 2 of these same cards, one was crashing on me when playing I swapped it out with the other. Both run at about 70c idle and a 75c with load.

I don't have a very special setup at all, but I do have 3 80mm fans, one in front blow in, one exahusting in the rear and a side panel fan blowing in. I would think that this would be enough to keep the ambient case temperature pretty low. If i up the speed with evga precision then I can get it to idle around the 50's.

Is idling at almost 70c dangerous for this card? The first card seemed to work for several months and eventually started crashing, so maybe it was damaged by these hot idle temperatures?

Any suggestions would be welcomed. I'm thinking that I could buy a pci slot cooler just to exhaust some of the hot air in the case...does that sound like a good idea?

Thank You :)
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  1. download rivatuner and change your fan settings at idle

    75c at load is actually good but the fact it sits at that temp at idle seems like the fan settings at idle are rather low
  2. ct1615

    Can i use EVGA precision to lower the temp only on idle or is that something only riva tuner does?
  3. You may want to do a nice cleaning. Use some duster and blow out the video card fan, the case fans, vents, cpu fan, everything. Get all the dust you can out.

    You can also try tying up any wires that are obstructing the airflow.
  4. aford10,

    I've already cleaned it. That didn't affect the temps at all. I even moved it to make sure it wasn't being obstructed by anything. It almost seems as though the heat pools up underneath the card and that's why I was thinking a slot cooler could be effective.

    Remember, this is 2 cards now that had the same temp reading at idle and I'm really worried that I ended up cooking the other board with those high idles.
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