OC Athlon 2 435 w/ Gigabyte matx/DDR2

I was going to overclock this system on my weekend:

Case: Antec 600 Case
Motherboard: GA-MA785GM-US2H motherboard
Processor: AMD Athlon II X3 435 Rana 2.9GH
Ram: 4 GB Patriot Viper 2 DDR 800 CAS 444
Video Card: ASUS CuCore Series EAH4850 1gig 256-bit DDR3
CPU Cooler: Hyper 212+
PSU: 620 Antec Earthwatts P/S

My goal is to get it running stable at 3.4 Ghz and I planned to do this with these settings. Anyone see anything wrong?

CPU Northbridge Freq. x9 =2115 Mhz
CPU Frequency 235
PCIe Clock(Mhz) 100 <-- Can this bet set to auto or do you need to set it to 100 Mhz?
HT Link Width Auto
HT Link Frequency 2.0 Ghz <--is this right? This setting worries me the most
Memory Clock x3.33 = 783 Mhz

System Voltage Control
DDR2 Voltage Control Normal
NB Voltage Control Normal
SB Voltage Control Normal
CPU Voltage Control [+0.025V] 1.45 Volts
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  1. Ok I found some more information on the HT link.

    I figured out the problem. It's not so much a problem with the board as a typo. In the BIOS the options for HT link are frequencies in 200MHz increments (600-2000MHz I think are all available), but rather than setting the HT link to the stated frequency each setting relates to a multiplier.
    2000 = X10
    1800 = X9
    1600 = X8 and so on.
    So I kept trying to set my HT link at 2000 or 1800 when I was actually setting a X9 or X10 multiplier and the mobo kept it from passing my CPU/NB, which was to high once I cranked up my FSB.

    So problem #1 solved

    Next question:
    What about Load line calibration? This is a good thing right? Limit vdroop, which seems to be plaguing me. If I set my CPU to 1.5V it seems to run at 1.45V under load without Load line calibration. If I set load line calibration to about 35% it seems to keep voltage within .02 of my setting.

    I found this here Thanks Miro87043

    So this is how I'm going to go about overclocking my system. Anyone see anything I need to change before I try this let me know. I'm going to set the following in the bios and slowly increase the reference clock by 10 until it crashes or I hit 235. Is there any stability issues with having settings lower than spec? Because the fist reference clock test will be 210, so that would make my ram run at 699 Mhz, NB 1890 Mhz, and HT link at 1680. Or should I compensate the timings to keep them inline with spec? I know if its too high it will cause problems but is it the same if its too low?

    CPU Northbridge Freq. x9 =2115 Mhz
    PCIe Clock(Mhz) 100
    HT Link Width Auto
    HT Link Frequency 1.6 Ghz Which is the same as x 8 and will give me 1880
    Memory Clock x3.33 = 783 Mhz

    System Voltage Control
    DDR2 Voltage Control Normal
    NB Voltage Control Normal
    SB Voltage Control Normal
    CPU Voltage Control [+0.025V] 1.45 Volts
  2. i have the same processor and had to give it 1.6v and got it to 3.6. i think to get it to 3.4 i had to give it around 1.5v though. ill let you know for sure when i get home today! and you only should have to drop your HT to x9 if you give it a small V boost (just one or two clicks in the bios). one thing i saw on my bord was that my ram would change timings and make my system unstable if i underclocked it. so you may have to go into the bios and put them under manual timings. just keep the speed lower than they are specked for but keep the timings for that speed until your done overclocking the CPU. While overclocking your cpu i would only raise the bus by 4 at a time until unstable. set back to last stable point then increase voltage by one or two clicks, then test and watch temps. (to test if stable run prime95 for about 5-10min.) Then continue to increase by 2-4. When you hit your ceiling around 240-270 (sorry its so wide but these chips are either hit or miss on overclocking) i would run prime95 for 4-8hr to make sure it is absolutely stable. the programs i use to do this are cpuz(watch tru clock speeds and voltage) and my asus turbo ii (to overclock). you can probably use whatever software your board came with to watch temps and such. best of luck! and again watch your memory speed and timings!
  3. Thanks for the reply. It rebooted once i hit 245 ref clock. im guessing i need to up the vcore a notch or two if i want to go higher.

    Here is whay i have set in bios right now.

    Ref clock 240
    Nb 8x
    Ht link 1.6Ghz
    Pcie 100mhz
    Ram 3.33

    Vcore 1.45

    Prime 95 after about 1 hour never went above 37 C
  4. i upped the vcore on mine to 1.575 before I had voltage issues on my 435. push it a little higher I say! mines at:
    ref clock 245
    NB 9x
    Ht link 2205
    pcie 100
    ram at 6.66 (1631)
    i overvolted my NB a bit and my ram up to 1.7 from 1.65.
    i think my vcore is at 1.525 but when i get home ill see how low i can get it.
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