I recently upgraded to a SATA hard drive and had to connect it to my mobo via a silicon image PCI-SATA controller card since my mobo is really old. I also connected my old PATA drive but I can't get the PATA drive to show up in the disk manager. How can I get both my SATA and PATA drive to show up? The SATA drive is the boot/system drive and I only need the PATA as a storage device. Any help on how to get mobo to see PATA drive?
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  1. PATA drives have jumpers that must be set (SATA does not have jumpers).

    Set the PATA jumpers to 'CS' (Cable Select), and then try. I hope you don't have the OS on both drives.
  2. I've tried setting the jumpers on both cable select and slave and have no luck. My mobo will only see the PATA drive or the SATA drive, but not both. I'd like to keep the SATA as my boot drive and have the SATA as my storage drive. Not really interested in RAID setup since I don't think I can do it with my PATA being connected directly to mobo and the SATA drive connected via the PCI/SATA card. Does anyone know how I can get both drives to show up in BIOS and in Disk Management?
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