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Hey folks,

I'm sure you've seen tons of threads of this subject but after hours of reading, I'm still weary about purchasing my next graphics card. There has been so many threads spanning back to mid 2008, so I didn't really get my facts as good as I wanted. I'm currently running a eVGA 8800GT on a 24 Inch 1080p monitor..which doesn't always run games smooth.

Bottom line which graphics card is best for value? Not which ones cheapest, but for the money, what graphic card deserves it based off performance?

The cards I've been looking at are as follows:

Nvidia 9800 GTX for $99
Nvidia GTX 260 for $159
Nvidia GTX 260 (216 Core) for $192

ATI Radeon 4850 for $99 (1GB for $120)
ATI Radeon 4870 for $150-$159
ATI Radeon 4890 for $188

I used to be a HUGE Ati fan when the 9800XTs & the X850s were on the market (hyping up Half-Life 2) But after those models I've been leaned towards Nvidia due to the wide variety of custom drivers.

Another thing is, since the new line of graphic cards are about to hit the market, would it be smarter to wait til they launch to get better prices on the cards I'm lookin at or doesn't matter?

Any input would be good, thanks. :)
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  1. Personally i would wait, if i was picking from those cards i would go with the 4890
  2. agreed with Mactronix ;)
  3. MMk thanks, I don't know if I wanna wait though cuz theres a good amount of games comin out on the 15th (Batman & Shift) but I'll see what happens..

    Do you guys know of ATI tweaked drivers at all?
  4. I would go with either a GTX 260 (216) or a 4890.....

    But if you wait a bit you will have more of a selection to choose from and the current cards will be cheaper....
  5. You can sometimes find a GTX 275 on a special at the 260 price.

    Hopefully current GPU prices all drop after the DX11 cards come out (maybe even after the Sept 8th & 10th press conferences).
  6. If you buy from EVGA, you can use their step-up program within 90 days.
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