I7 930 throttling after OC

My i7930 is throttling down even though i have oc'd to 3.8 Ghz and have C1e and EIST DISABLED!

Why is this happening? Core temp never shows my cpu go above 2.9ghz at load for playing game sor rendering video. The only time my cpu actual goes to 3.8ghz clock is when i run prime95, otherwise it never goes to my set overclock.... why is this so?
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  1. disabled turbo mode / turbo boost technology, for temperature tryt use other like aida64 or hwmonitor
  2. turbo mode isnt even enabled, that basic OC 101 stuff man. Turbo off, EIST off, C1e off. All that stuff is off
  3. Try update latest bios fromwebsite mobo, also Also try changing the C-State to C3 and see if that helps. Setting it to Auto can help too just to test...
    And download latest cpu-z, good luck
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