Should the firewall/router be the dhcp or should the modem be dhcp

hello i am wondering wich is more secure. would it be more secure for the firewall to be the dhcp server,
or for the comcast modem to be the dhcp server.

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  1. anyone know the answer to this

  2. The router usually, as that's where NAT will occur and distribute the local IP addresses.
    If the modem already has basic SPI firewall built in onto of DHCP & NAT, then why not just plug a switch into it instead?

    There's not much consumer class routers that can be configured to as the client anyway.
  3. ok, well the router or modem can do dhcp. the router being a cisco security router/firewall. its a nice router, got it for christmas, but im not a network guro i know very basic stuff and not sure wich would be more secure. the cable modem or router for security.

    if i understand you right, your saying most comsumer routers cant do dhcp, but if it could then configuring the router as a client would be most secure.
    i may be mis understanding. but am curious if the router could be configured as a client would thta provide more security by making the 2 copmputers on the network somewhat ghost or invisable, or would this be very little protection? the router is just shy of a asa firewall i believe but as far as updating the ips and application annomaly detection singitures im not realy sure on how to configure it. i can configure the dhcp either on the router or on the cable modem but i have no idea what the proper implamentation is. just very basic stuff like updates
  4. In that case you should configure the Cisco firewall to act as the DHCP server (it'll act as your network's core), disable DHCP in the modem, plug from the modem to the WAN port on the firewall and finally if you need more ports for more clients (i.e. PCs, VoIP phones, network printer... etc.) buy a switch to expand number of ports from the firewall.
  5. ok well would the router being the dhcp, be the best thing to be it as far as security is concearned?

    cause i also wondered if the cable modem was the dhcp it would give one adress so my computers would be hidden maybe? since if a hacker accesed my network they would only see one device behind the cable modem? and the pc's be kind of ghosted. idk this may sound to confusing was just a though since im not a expert on networking :)

    but thanks for the info right now i dont use a switch i do have a printer but its use and we just plug it into our computers using a usp cord and were it is its easy to plud into the side of my pc or the side of my ladies pc, when we need to print. most time we just print on my pc.
  6. just wondering, but would'nt i want the network core to be someone hidden? or behing nat. i may be looking at the approuch worng
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