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Is there a way that I can brodcast my wirless signal from my modem, provided by my cell phone company(cricket), to my laptop/ipod via my desktop? Id love to broadcast my signal because I do not want to pay for to internet services. lol
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  1. I'm not sure I quite understand the technology you're using but if you add a regular 802g or 802n wireless router and your cellphone has wifi capability (or you have a wifi enabled computer) you may be able to share the internet connection.

    I suspect you'd still end up paying for internet -- because it has to come from somewhere. Anyway I hope this helps a little.
  2. My internet is provided by my phone company. Lik verizons 3g modem but its an off brand(cricket wirless) I do not have the internet on my phone it is just coming from the wirless internet usb 3-g modem. I was wondring if I could plug it into my pc as usuall but have my laptop also pick up the signal. It is not a hotspot antenna or anything it is just a modem that is only supposed to give the internet to the computer its plugged into. It has its own cell phone number. I was wondering If I could take my signal that I have on my desktop and share it with my laptop via its standard wifi card by using a router.
    New egg has one of these routers but it says it works for verizon and sprint. Could it work for mine aswell?

    Im not good at this kind of stuff (still learning)
    Thanks again! :)
  3. Hey rosco, I also have the cricket usb modem though its on the EDGE network. And I am also looking to broadcast my signal through my wireless router thus no luck in finding an answer yet. Also I am paying for unlimited net. But my problem is also that after about 4 gbs total load cricket seems to cut the net down to a crawl. I downloaded a program for work which was 4 gigs in size. Since then average speed is around 5-10 kbs download. I know this because i had to redownload that file. Its going on a week to finish the DL. Has yours been this slow too? And yes if you find/found and answer to the wireless router broadcast problem please email me at couplejust4playin@yahoo.com. I also heard a rumor you could set up an ad-hoc to do this but i could not find the right way to do this.
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