First Build: Advice on Mobo and Network Card

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: two-three months from now

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I'm using, which is basically Japan's newegg (I'm living in Japan at the moment)

I'll post the specs of my build just in case you need them..

Processor - i7 975
Motherboard - Undecided between Rampage II extreme or P6T deluxe
Memory - 6GB ddr3 1333 mhz, probably going for Corsair
Graphics Card - GTX 295
Power Supply - Cooler Master 1250 W (to leave room for upgrades)
Case - Antec 900 (maybe 1200? I doubt I'll need it though, I'm not looking for water cooling)
Hard Drive - a 32 gb SDD and a 300 GB, 10 thou rpm drive - don't need much space, and I can always more
Monitor - Dell 30"
OS - I'm waiting until windows 7 comes out

My main question is: if I don't really need the 110 USD extra's worth of gimmicks for Rampage II Extreme (and I don't) then I need to get a sound card. I have really no knowledge in this area, in fact I don't really understand how it works, so I was wondering if you could enlighten me a bit as to how much I'd spend on one. I haven't budgeted for speakers so that'll be an upgrade, but I'm looking for decent quality (not audio-philic) sound.

Also, I don't fully understand network cards - we have fibre optic connection here at home (in Japan it's very common) and have a wireless router. What sort of network card do I need? Do newer ones integrate wireless networking with general LAN? I'm also entirely clueless here...

Finally if you could give a few thoughts on the build - I'm about to begin the final two years of high school, but I plan to take this computer with me probably through college: what do you think? Are any of the components unnecessarily high end? I do game and I love it, which accounts for the processor/graphics card/monitor, but maybe I'm just wasting money here...

THank you in advance for any help!
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  1. I havent seen any mb recently that didnt have great onboard sound

    I have no idea bout your network connectors but theyre probably CAT5 plugs and these are also already on the mb so you shouldnt need a network card either
  2. True, onboard sound has improved greatly from the AC'97 days. You probably will not need a sound card. And most upper end motherboards have gigabit ethernet built in now.
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