2nd 9800 gx2 for sli or gtx285

basically i can get either one of these for about the same price, but cant decide which to get. is it better to get the newer gtx or should i get a second 9088gx2 for sli?
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  1. Get a second 9800gx2. 9800gx2 sli (quad core) will destroy a gtx285.
  2. if you don't really care about up coming DX11......
    i think its better to get GTX285
    when the DX11 cards rolling out the GTX200 series price might get lower.by then you can add another 285 in your box.
  3. Quad sli = not recommended unless you going for 2x295
    I would go for gtx 285 all the way
  4. If it was me I'd go for the second 9800GX2, but there are a couple of things to consider. For one driver support is pretty much gone for the 9800GX2 so if any bugs crop up don't expect them to be fixed with newer drivers. Two, they will generate a crap load of heat. Three, they will suck up alot of electricity. Even so in the cases where two 9800GX2s work they way they are suppose to they will run circles around a single GTX285 or even two of them. Even a single 285 will generally be slower than a 9800GX2 so going for a 285 is actually it a bit of a downgrade in many cases.
  5. you can always sli the gtx285 later ... gtx 285 is better in term of life duration , heat and noise. SLI the gtx 285 later, trust me ... you won't be disapointed
  6. yeah, i had taken DX11 into consideration. I'm thinkin that by the time the whole 'new factor' (read ridiculous price premium for the latest hardware) wears off, my whole system might be due for an overhaul, so holding out for another half year does make much sense.

    heat I'm not overly concerned with, as my place is pretty cool and well ventilated. I THINK my PSU should be able to handle the two cards in SLI, using a Corsair 620. If anyone thinks that won't be enough, then i suppose that pretty much makes the choice a simple one... Not going to replace the PSU.

    Thanks for all the advice, keep it comin
  7. Bahh, non-sense... it all depends how much you get the GX2 for.... since the 285 cannot compete with dual GX2's it is a NO-BRAINER to get the second GX2 and quad Sli.....now, if you can sell your current GX2 and get a 295 or next-gen card then that would be another option....

    My question is, why would you opt for a 285 if you already have a GX2? It would make sense if you were building a new rig and you were in need of a new GPU....

    If power is not an issue I would get a second GX2 and quad SLI....

    +1 invisik and megamanx00
  8. Like I said, I can get either of them for about the same price, I just dont see much about the gx2's anymore, (obviously, since they are discontinued) so i don't know how they would compare in SLI to a single 285. I'm sure I could search for a while and find someone who has compared the two set ups, but i figured why not just place a simple post.

    The rest of the rig is fairly up to date (q6600 OCed to 3.6, 4gigs ram) Im just lookin to extend its life expectancy a bit.

    Thanks again for all the help, you guys rock,
  9. You already have a 9800GX2, so get another and put it in Quad-SLi.

    1 GX2 is better than a single GTX285. If you get a GTX285, you're not only downgrading, but your GX2 will basically be sitting around going to waste.
  10. If you can sell gx2, then get the 285. otherwise, just add another gx2.
  11. If you decide to go the GTX 285 route I'd suggest waiting. One important thing we forgot to mention is that the GTX 285 is extremely overpriced and will most likely drop dramatically once it gets pwned by the 5870.

    IMO I would wait for the GTX 3xx series. You'll see a much greater performance increase and have room to expand greatly. Not to mention Quad SLI doesn't scale very well.
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