dell inspiron 6000 memory upgrade 4200

I've noticed there are modules shuch as a "PC2 5300" that are listed as backward compatable to the PC2 4200/3200. I have also found that this applies to other modules as well and that as long as you upgrade the BIOS you can sometimes exceede the manufactures Max Memory listed.

Does anyone know of a link to a good reference site that list these compatabile upgrades.
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  1. i dont have a link but i do know if you put PC@ 5300 in a MOBO that only supports 4200 it will just run at the 4200 speed as simple as that. Sometimes the manufacturer might put out an updated bios to support faster. I would go on dells website and get the latest bios for you PC.
  2. just buy a new pc and throw away the piece of antieks your holding...
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