Onboard wireless adapter does not show up in Dev Mgr or ipconfig

Hi all and thanks ahead of time for any help with getting my laptop connected again wirelessly.

I have an Acer Aspire 5315-2153 and had to clean install Vista Ultimate on a clean partition. Ethernet drivers and video drivers were not found, so I suspected that they were on the acer recovery partition that I wiped also. (had to to load the OS). Managed to get ethernet going and video drivers also, but there is no wireless adapter in dev.manager to even try to install drivers for. There's no setting in the Bios Setup for wireless networks. So I guess that's why it's not in IPCONFIG /all ?

Is there any way to make the onboard wireless adapter show up in device manager so I can find and install the drivers and get the wireless up and running ?
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  1. go to the website for the laptop, they should have a complete list of drivers available.

    just donload and isntall the wireless driver they have listed.
  2. that's where I found the ethernet drivers, but there are no wireless drivers listed that I can see:


    so are you saying that a wireless adapter does not have to appear in order to install drivers ??
  3. Find the wireless button if there is one and press it - may re-enable it and install etc
  4. yes, had tried that, problem is a bit deeper then the wireless button. again, there is no wireless adapter listed in device manager. Look like I'll have to buy a pc card unless someone can help. I'm wondering if they are in the chip set drivers ?
    Anyone know that ?
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