GTS 450 OC?

I have a gts 450 and the stats are 822 coreclock/ 145 shader/1804 memory. I overclocked it to 950/1900/1804. Can i go further without destroying my card? This is mainly for increased bf3 beta performance. Thanks

(Stable overclock please :D)
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  1. Yes it will give you a very significant boost in performance. your tripling your number of CUDA cores, almost doubling your core clock and memory clock, and doubling the available memory.
    Now for the down side. I would highly suggest upgrading your power supply. It's so border line that i would say it's not even an option to use your existing PSU, but if your a penny pincher and don't mind risking your system it may/probably work
  2. I meant that the shader was 1645 my keyboard ghosted. SO yeah is thta a stable oc? Im running a CM Extreme Power Plus 500w
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