4870x2 +4870x2 vs 4870x2 +4870

Ok, I haven't found any recent information reguarding Dual 4870x2 benchmarks. I currently have trifire with a 4870 +4870x2. The reason I chose 3 was benchmarks. At the time Quad Crossfire scaled slower than trifire. I have since upgraded to a Dell 30" 3008WFP monitor so instead of gaming at 1920*1200, it's 2560*1600. Will adding the 4th GPU benefit me? Anyone with any experience that might know, please help.
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  1. well qaud fie has no use ouside benching http://www.ripping.org/benchmarks.php?act=graphicscores&graphic=3DMark06 but the trifire will do fine on that screen
  2. You'll probably see some benefit, but I doubt it would be huge.

    Oh, and obsidian: quadfire definitely does have a use outside of benching. Since I added a second 4870x2 to my setup, Crysis runs smoother at 2xAA than it used to at Very High with no AA, and almost all other games run at 8xAA fully cranked (all at 1920x1200). The higher the resolution, the more worthwhile high end CF/SLI is. Still, if you already have a trifire setup, there's questionable benefit to adding the 4th GPU. It'd probably be better to wait a bit, and maybe upgrade to a 5870x2 in a few months.
  3. I'm going to get a 5870x2 for a new build in a couple months. I've also heard rumors that they might make a 5870x4.

    I guess my biggest questions are whether anyone has real benchmarks using new drivers @ 2560*1600 with AA trifire vs quad, and if there is any justification in the price for one more GPU
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