Heatsink question for HD4830

Hi all. Been some time.. :sweat:

I have a 8800GT with Accelero S1.

I recently bought a HD4830 which came with a Zalman VF900-Cu LED and a fan speed cable in the form of a resistor.
I would have used the HD4830 straight away but it's not silent and speedfan reported the fan at 1800rpm.

Now, my question is that can I use my Accelero alone on the HD4830 i.e. no 12cm fans strapped to it.

I have no case fans. The other fans are the AC Freezer and the one in my Enermax Liberty 620W PSU.

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  1. According to Arctic Cooling this heatsink can be used as a passive cooler.

    Try it with no fans and see what your temps are...
  2. Just like grieve said, give it a shot. It can never hurt. I think it will work quite good.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Well, I once tried the Accelero S1 with the Sapphire HD4850. The card died right after changing the cooler - no display ever came. :fou:

    So, I am being cautious this time.

    I'll try it tonight and post back on what happens. :wahoo:
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