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I'm having an issue with my DVI-HDMi connection on windows 7 x64 and was curious if anyone had any links or opinions for a solution. Basically when I use my DVI-HDMI connection to my 47 LG LCD TV on windows 7, I will get random black screens sometimes just for a second or 2. Also on company of heroes(only game installed on Win 7 atm) when I switch resolutions it will freeze up my TV(doesn’t freeze computer just TV) & have to unplug TV to get it working again. Next is on this certain webpage it will make my TV go black screen then normal then back to black every couple seconds until I close the webpage, and there has been a couple times on booting up, my screen was black on the log on screen & would have to unplug & replug TV to see the screen again. I don’t have any of these issues using Windows XP (I have dual boot win 7 & XP). Also when I plug in my computer to the RGB(VGA) slot on the TV everything works on Windows 7 like it’s suppose to, so I know it has something to do with the HDMI-DVI connection. I've tried Vista x64 & Win & x64 nvidia drivers & no luck there, I don’t have any older win7/vista drivers that I have tried. Also I’m not sure if it’s because I got an adapter(VGA cord with DVI adapter) for my VGA cord but it seems I don’t get the quality of video(blu-ray) that my HDMI cord has. Is RGB less quality or it just a signal loss with adapter? I’ve been browsing the internet for a while trying to find a solution this is my last resort. Thanks in advance

Here are my Specs:
Intel Core 2 6420 Oc'd 2.9ghz
XFX Geforce GTX 260 Black Edition
Asus P5Q Turbo mb
2 150GB Maxotr HD Raid 0 (OS & gaming)
2 1.5tb Seagate (storage)
4 GB Geil DDR2 800
CoolMax 700w Power supply
LG 47" LCD 1080p TV model#47LG70
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  1. sounds like a driver issue with windows 7. since windows 7 is not even released yet this is no surprise
  2. To have HD from from your 260 you need a DVI to HDMI plus everything needs to be HTPC capable, and your graphics driver should be 190.62.
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