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Hi, I'm new to overclocking and have a few questions about my E7500. I have increased the FSB from stock 266 to 310 and so far things seem stable running at stock voltage. Running Prime95 at the moment the temperature seems to be hovering around the 57-58C mark. How much higher can I go? And when do I need to start adjusting voltages? My motherboard is an Asus P5QSE2, I'm just using the stock heat sink and cooler although I have recently applied new Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. Thanks in advance.
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  1. i would keep increasing the fsb until your either 1.hitting the limits of stability... or 2.hitting around 70C on a full load
  2. keep going until your system crashes then increase voltage and continue overclocking and increasing voltage until you hit 70C or hit your ceiling. good luck!
  3. All right thanks. I'll keep on going.
  4. Being a crippled Wolfdale, an E7500 doesn't have the thermal loads associated with the quad cores.Just an average cooler will give an astounishing amount of performance. I have an E7500 running at 4.1 GHz in an old Gigabyte motherboard.

    A zero cost idea would be to find an old cooler from an original 65 nm dual or quad core. The first and second gen coolers share the same design, but the first gen 65 nm heatsinks are twice as large as the later 45 nm heatsinks.

    Do not exceed the Intel recommended 1.45 volt core voltage and keep the load temps under 70 C. With a halfway decent cooler, you will likely reach max voltage before max temps.
  5. Hmmm, I now have in interesting issue... When I increase the FSB to 320 (x11 multiplier) Prime95 stops working both cores. At 310 (x11) I'm getting 100% CPU usage, however at 320 (x11) I'm only getting 50% usage in task manager and the monitoring thing in Real Temp. After further investigation one of my cores is at 100% and the other at 0%. No blue screens though. Any ideas?
  6. It sounds like one core stopped working at some point.
  7. Yeah, voltage increase? It's working fine now that I've dropped it back to 310.
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