Good Airflow + Quiet + Good Size + Low Price = My Question ;)

Hello all!

As the title states, I would like to find an all-around good case :)

I am looking for a case the has good airflow, is quite, is a good size (can fit any video card I can throw at it), and is preferably $50-$80.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hmm.. That's pretty steep. I think a case is an investment, and it should last one to three builds. I have an antec 1200, and while it can get loud when you crank it up, it's surprisingly quiet on low air flow settings.

    I would check out Xclio. Their Wind Tunnel case is pretty nice, and is probably quiet. The bigger the fan, the lower the frequency of vibration. Lower frequencies are more easily absorbed by rubber, so you will end up with a quieter case.

    Bottom Line: Xclio Wind tunnel.
  2. Antec 300??
  3. Antec 900 is on sale at newegg for $99 with free shipping. Great case with plenty of room and great airflow....IMO it looks good too. 3 speed fans to balance noise and cooling needs.
  4. For your price range I would recommend the Coolermaster 690. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are very good. It's currently available at for $69.99:

    Here are links to technical reviews:

    Here's a link to video reviews so you can get a better look:
  5. Don't forget the Antec 902. Falls right into your price range. A bit flashy but good airflow
  6. Ok, cool! Thanks for the replies, all, those give me a good starting place! :D
  7. Ok, been looking at them all and have it down to: Antec 300 and the Xclio Windtunnel.

    Antec 300 for the price and the fact that it doesn't have one of those doors that closes over the optical drives. The Xclio Windtunnel for these: Full Tower (so more room), larger fans, fan placement (for video card cooling), and front tempurature monitor.

    By the way, which is better: top mount power supply or bottom mount power supply?
    Also, how much louder are 120mm fans than 250mm fans? The reasoning behind this question is that if I got the Xlcio Windtunnel, I would want to get the extra fan to put in the back for extra cooling. Also, are there just 3 places for fans on the Xclio Windtunnel?
  8. The Antec Three Hundred is one of the most popular cases with gamers on a tight budget. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are very good.

    The bottom mounted power supply is a relatively new development. With the bottom mounted power supply there is room at rear of the top panel for an additional exhaust fan. In addition, with a bottom mounted psu the case is less likely to tip over. Depending on the configuration and location of a power supply fan it could help remove hot air from around a video card.

    I have the Coolermaster HAF 932 full tower case that comes with several large 230mm fans. The case also has several 120mm fans. The 230mm fans have a lower rpm but move just as much air as a 120mm fan; therefore, the larger 230mm fans are just as quiet, if not quieter. The loudest fans are the 120mm fans I installed on the Thermalright Ultra 120 cpu heatsinks and the rear panel. Depending on the video card it might be the loudest fan. It just depends.

    I just took a look at the photos and specs of that XClio Windtunnel. The case only comes with the two 250mm case fans on the side panel. That's it. You can mount one additional fan on the rear panel. I don't think ventialtion, airflow, and cooling would be very good.
  9. Cooler Master Storm Scout can be found on new egg for 89.00. If you wait until black Friday it will probably be even cheaper or at least with free shipping.
  10. I am considering the Xclio WindTunnel case for my next build. It is supposed to be amazingly quiet and has great airflow, and room for anything you want to put into - could almost fit the kitchen sink. But make sure you personally see one before you buy so you are not surprised. It is HUGE.

    Here is a 7 page review of the case - although I am not familiar with the Big Bruin website.
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