Guys I don't know what to do?!?! HELP PLEASE

Hi im new here guys, and have a problem we'll save introductions for later cause this might be long....

About 15 days ago I bought a new machine from with these specs ..

Asus M4A78 Plus AMD770 Chipset AM2+ | AMD3 PCI-E 2.0 CrossFireX | ATX | 1200Mhz DDR2 OC | GBLAN | 7.1 Audio | SATA2 | RAID | OC

Cooler Master 500Watt Extreme Power - Silent Power Supply (AMD/Intel) - ATX/BTX

120x120x25 mm, 2000rpm, 21dBA (exhaust)

Seagate 500 GB (7200) 32MB Cache Barracuda 7200.11 NCQ SATA2

Sapphire ATI HD4870 750Mhz Core | 1GB 3600MHz DDR5 (Quad Data Rate) PCI-E DX10 | 2 DVI | HDTV | AVIVO | HDMI - AC3 7.1 Sound

SoundMAX ADI AD1988 7.1 Channel High Definition Integrated Sound

LG W2243T-PF 22" Widescreen LCD (1920 x 1080) | 5ms | 30,000:1 | DVI | VGA | Black

On-Board 10/100/1000 Gigabit Integrated Network Card

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Box Edition - 3.1GHz - 6MB L3 Cache - Dual Core Processor - Socket AM3 - (45nm Regor)

2x 2048MB OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500 (1066Mhz) Dual Channel 4GB Value Series - OCZ2V10664GK

Cooler Master Scout Gaming LAN Tower With Window | No PSU - ALL BLACK

AMD Phenom II Retail CPU Cooler

LG GH22NS50 Super Multi DVD Writer | 22x DVD?RW/RAM | SATA | Black

Standard 1 Year Parts and 5 Year Labor Warranty Included Free

This machine is runnning windows 7 64bit

Right out of the box i noticed the cd drive wasn't working. After trying to install/reinstall drivers, and other control panel options with no avail. I realized it was a loose connector inside the tower.(it was the red twisty cable that connects to the mobo sata something...) unplugged/replugged cables and it was fine. CD drive is now working.

The machine has an intergrated sound card (sigh) I noticed the sound to be slightly choppy but just for a slight instant and it would be fine you could hardly notice. I didn't really think too much of this, I just attributed it to possibly, cheap speakers or the motherboard being a little "loose" and shaking the amplifier cords.

Come about a week later the headphone jack cut out which is located on the front top panel of the tower it stopped working. It would only work when you wold hold the headphone cord firmly in the jack. Im sure many of you have had this problem with an ipod,cd player ect.. Aside from that the sound was still working out of the speakers. I e-mailed extremepc about this and they sent me to the manufacturer to get a replacement part or just use the jack on your speakers...

Now last night I had used the comp all day with no problems aside from the headphone jack explained earlier. I rebooted the comp after running my spy bot and virus scanner that night. The virus scanner found nothing. the spy bot found some normal not so things it generally finds which i removed.

I woke up the next mourning after that reboot and found that the computer is not detecting any sound devices whatsoever speakers,headphones, SOUNDCARD. It is also not detecting any network card.

Although I think this is probably a hardware issue. When I try to do a system restore it comes up with an error saying my system isn't able to preform a system restore because its missing that resource so many words.

Also when I go into the control panel it doesnt detect, sound/networking hardware after it scans.The drivers and what not worked fine the day before so i doubt its that.I couldnt even install them if i wanted to cause the computer doesnt think its there.

I really dont know where to go from here. Ive installed video cards, audio cards, but never really got involved with mobos aside from attatching things to it. My suspicion is that it probablys a poorly done build? or possibly something deleted from the "search and destroy" spy bot which I doubt because had simliar experiences in the past with no problems.

This is the basis of my problem any help would be greatly appriciated. Aside from having 1yr on parts and 5yrs free labour im not really sure what i can do here?!?!?!....I e-mailed the company and am awaiting reply...
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  1. Hmm. If I were you, call the extreme pc people and be more forceful. Say you don't have faith in their company and it can only be restored by them honoring their warranty, and thus, replacing the motherboard.

    It could also be a driver problem. Go to computer management (Start > Run > "compmgmt.msc"). Click "Device manager" in the left column, and see if you can find your sound/network card. Try and go to the motherboard manufacturer's website ( and download the latest drivers for your board.

    I hope everything works for you!

    BTW, I wouldn't deal with a company that doesn't hold true to their warranty. I also have had bad experiences (three times, three different boards) with that motherboard company. I tried a socket 478 and two 775s, and they both had problems. Now, I stick with gigabyte mostly.
  2. I definently plan on calling extreme pc monday.

    The device manager reads both the sound and network card there and says they are working properly.

    Yet when i right click on the audio icon in the sys tray and go to repair it says there is no audio device detected by the computer. Same goies for the network.

    When i go to look at my networks its empty saying "0" networks as well
  3. Hmm.. Do you have antivirus software? Well... It's only been 15 days...

    Alright. Let's go here:

    Go to the drop down menus and select your motherboard, etc. Now download the latest sound and network drivers for your board.

    Just a couple other "precautionary measures":

    Are your cables working? Have you tried to swap out these cables for known good ones?

    Have you checked the obvious (probably): is your equipment on, plugged in, etc.


    Honestly, the quality control these "extreme pc" people are showing is not really the best.
  4. im actually in the mddle on getting that driver.

    I ran avast on full and it found nothing.

    I have not tried unhooking and rehooking up everything on the mobo and what not cause im not really confident in my ability to do so. also I woulsnt mind trying to send the whole damn thing back and getting a new one or whatever.

    Im still deciding if I could try rebulding the machine but would that some how hinder me being able to return it? or atleast a new MOBO?

    btw thanks alot you've already helped

    LOL i got 10 dollars on poker stars to anyone who can figure this stupd thing out
  5. Alright, well I hope I can help. :)

    I wouldn't try taking the thing apart. Given the way extreme pc has been acting, I wouldn't press it. It could either be a rootkit virus (probably not) or a hardware problem. I'll shoot for the latter.

    Given the circumstances, I'd call them (after trying the drivers) and complain. I wouldn't blame you if you'd want to just return it. But if you want to do that, make sure you do not pay for shipping. Complain until they take it back. :D


    Or see if they are willing to come over and look at the box itself. Whatever you do, don't pay a third party to fix it for you. ("Freak Squad")
  6. Ok dude ill try those drivers and see what happens.

    Its crossed my mind to get my buddy who runs one of those third party companies to come by and fix it but it will probably end up costing me 100$ and I dont even know how long the fix will last.

    Returning for a brand new one or for a full refund sounds pretty good right now im just not sure how Extreme pc will take to that, all I know is that I have the 1year on parts and 5 on labor. But I WILL NOT BE SHY with them cause the damn thing has had problems out of the box, and they scammed for that stupid postal insurance too lol.

    thanks agian
  7. Sure! Not a problem!

    Only let your buddy look at the PC if he's going to do it for FREE. Otherwise, have extreme pc do the work for you.
  8. agreed thanks dude ill find you when it sorted out !!
  9. Cool! Hope it works out! ;)
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