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hey all!

can u guys help me with this?

should i get the asus rampage formula or the maximus II formula/gene

any help is appreciated!
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  1. Hi.

    What components do you want install in the mobo?

    1- CPU
    2- RAM
    3- HDD
    4- GPU
  2. CPU - E8400

    GPU - 5770 or higher mite even settle with the 4890

    i have 2GB DDR2 800+ Transcend but i could get 4GB DDR2 transcend 1066+ or any good overclocking rams of your advising

    HDD already exist from prev rig 500GB WD but i'l change for higher PSU for GPU
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    The maximus II is a micro-ATX, that IMO isn't good for a good rig. So, I would get the rampage.

    P.D. The LGA 775 is a old socket, if you want a good rig, try to go with a i3 or better or AMD AM3
  4. in that case do u think i should go for the crosshair III formula?
  5. Yea, the Crosshair III is a very good mobo, but remember that is for AMD processors. Other options are the MSI 790FX-GD70 or ASUS M4A79 Deluxe.
  6. there anything higher than the 965 BE?
  7. None, the 965 is the top of the AMD, can't defeat the i7 and sometimes lose with the i5, but can defeat all series of C2Q except the C2Q Extreame.
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  9. then i suppose theres no point in salvaging the parts from my old rig

    E4300 :S might as well sell it huh, or should i jus network it (pc-pc)?
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