URGENT HELP - Overheating Too Much

Hello guyz,

I just got my motherboard failure. It was Intel 945GNT and was out of warranty. The processor was intel D930 ( 3.0 Ghz, dual core processor ), with 1 GB of RAM.

Since the motheboard failed I have to get a new motherboard. The only board that accepted the processor and worked well was intel DG31PR, I had to change the RAM also therefore it has 2GB x 2 RAM installed, 4GB being the maximum it can support.

But I am facing a new problem now, the processor's thermal paste was removed by the guy and he cleaned it and fit it in the board without applying new thermal paste.

Now I am looking at temperatures and they are shooting 78-80-85-90 Celsius. I had to shut the PC off. My work is being seriously affected guyz. There is no other problem I see, please tell me what is happening, I never had such temp. problem, It used to give fine 40-45-50-Max 60 Celsius. Please tell me how to reduce it. Do you think there can be any problem in motherboard also ??

I hope you can give me a good advice fast..
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  1. Buy some thermal paste off of newegg, take the cooler off the CPU, apply the paste, voila your temps should drop back down to the normal range. This should do fine for you
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