Quietest case with good temps?

I've decided I want to upgrade out of my trusty old lian li PC-60 aluminum case which while amazingly cold temps it is as loud as a jet engine.

What would you suggest for the most quiet case with decent airflow?

Have a Q6600 in there right now ATX, Earthwatts 550 PSU, heatsinkis a 9700 zalman, 2 drives, DVD, GTS 8800 vid card and MSI P35 Plat board (the one with a half pound of copper heatsinks)

Any advice from personal experience is greatly appreciated and I'd like more specific then "zalman makes quiet cases" or "I like coolmaster cases" since I'm specifically looking for truly quiet not just helicopter vs jet.

Mid tower prefered. Price is not really an issue so long as it's not 400$

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  1. Have you looked into just getting quieter fans? Yeah, I'm afraid I'm in the same boat, I can pretty much always get good airflow, but one or two fans always end up making a racket. Hopefully my next build will be quieter, because it will use all 120mm or larger fans (Antec 300 Illusion). That's the best advice I can give in general (120mm or larger fans).
  2. Here is a link to a very good web site with useful information about silent pc's:


    There are articles and reviews about quiet cases, fans, and power supplies.
  3. Quietest case with good temps?

    No such thing although some cases come pretty close. Every case is a compromise between cooling ability and noise. Everyone needs to decide how much noise he is willing to put up with for a given level of cooling ability.
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