URGENT HELP - Overheating Very Very Much

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Hello guyz,

I just got my motherboard failure. It was Intel 945GNT and was out of warranty. The processor was intel D930 ( 3.0 Ghz, dual core processor ), with 1 GB of RAM.

Since the motheboard failed I have to get a new motherboard. The only board that accepted the processor and worked well was intel DG31PR, I had to change the RAM also therefore it has 2GB x 2 RAM installed, 4GB being the maximum it can support.

But I am facing a new problem now, the processor's thermal paste was removed by the guy and he cleaned it and fit it in the board without applying new thermal paste.

Now I am looking at temperatures and they are shooting 78-80-85-90 Celsius. I had to shut the PC off. My work is being seriously affected guyz. There is no other problem I see, please tell me what is happening, I never had such temp. problem, It used to give fine 40-45-50-Max 60 Celsius. Please tell me how to reduce it. Do you think there can be any problem in motherboard also ??

I hope you can give me a good advice fast..
And sorry I pasted it last time in wrong thread.
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  1. Ok, sorry but I can't be gentle with my reply. You're an _____ (fill in the blank). You know the problem, so fix it. Reseat the heatsink using thermal paste.
  2. You dont need a second thread when i already answered you in the first one
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