CPU related performance issues?

Recently my system performance took a noticable turn for the worse. I think it has something to do with my CPU (AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition) which I was overclocked when I noticed the problem. I ran a benchmark, and the numbers were significantly lower than what was listed as normal. I am considering returning the processor to AMD, but first I want to be absolutely certain that the CPU is the problem, and not the motherboard or something software related. Any suggestions?

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  1. You don't have - or at least you haven't provided - anywhere near enough info to return a cpu. More likely your problem, if any, is related to something you did just before your system "took a noticable turn for the worse".

    Without numbers or some other specifics, not much else to suggest.
  2. 1.) Well, I'd suggest running some stability testing apps like Prime95 or memtest, to see if there actually is an instability issue.

    2.) Check your temps (HWMonitor or PCWizard are good all around apps) as an overheating component will often downclock to save itself, and thus hurt performance.

    3.) Have you done any major software installs/updates/changes recently?

    4.) Did you run this benchmark beforehand to get the normal numbers, or is this just what the bench thinks is normal.

    5.) Check your computer for Spyware/Adware. Some good apps if you don't already have them (free too) are MalwareBytes, Spybot S&D, and Ad aware.

    6.) A good defrag never hurts (the ones included in XP and 7 are pretty good)

    7.) Give the computer a good cleaning with CCleaner (software wise, that is), and do a quick check for dust build up.
  3. I've done quite a bit of cleanup work, including defragging and running antivirus/antispyware scans of the entire system. Prime95 runs for 7+ hours without a problem. It's just that everything is running suddenly and unexpectedly slower, especially apps that stress the cpu (games, TV, etc...). I realize that resorting to an RMA request may be somewhat hasty, but I put a significant investment into this system and I want to get what I paid for.

    System Specs: Phenom II X2 550 BE @ 3.1GHz, Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P, Corsair 2x1GB DDR3 1333Mhz, XFX GeForce 9600GSO, Windows 7 (32-bit)
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    Both 1GB sticks still show up (and 2GB is reported in Windows) correct? I only ask because I once had a Dell that stopped reporting one stick, and it slowed down quite a bit from that (and all it needed was a reseat). Longshot I know, but and easy one to check.
  5. Following your advice I removed the RAM modules, cleaned the sockets and reseated them. I did the same with the CPU, and now things seem to be more or less back to normal. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Well, hopefully it helped. But, keep us posted and if you still seem to run into issues, we can try other things.
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