AMD Athlon 5400+ Dual Core Temp Problem

My computer has been running fine till like July 2008. Then problems started arising. My original CPU got damaged (I did it myself :S) and I got a new one, and my CPU temperature rose to 65°C on idle, and my System Temp is at 44°C (Didn't check if it changed). I knew this was a problem since going from mid 30's to mid 60's was wrong. My slowdown is at 65°C, and I can't really do much when my CPU clock is at 1005 MHz. My shutdown is set at 80°C because of my DualCoreCenter program.

I believe that my video card got damaged too, I haven't been able to find a temporary replacement to see if that's a problem as well.

Comp Specs
CPU: AMD Athlon 5400+ Dual Core
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600GTS (i believe 256mg)
Motherboard: MSI K9N Neo-F V3 - motherboard - ATX - nForce 560

Would it be safe or possible to increase the slowdown temp to something like 75°C or 80°C. Or even better, reduce my overall temp :S?

EDIT: My CPU fan speed is about 3050 RPM.
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  1. No, 65C (or higher) is not good for those CPUs. I'll try to find the page showing their max safe temp. I would try redoing the Heatsink and thermal paste and checking all fans for dust and possibly trying to increase case airflow.
  2. Here it is, max safe temps are 68C at best:

    So unless your temp sensor is wrong (which is certainly possible) you are on the limit of the chip's tolerance. I'd definitely double check all the cooling before overriding the overheat protection. Check that all your fans are clean and working properly.
  3. I thought that the sensors were wrong for a period of time, though my BIOS says the same temp.

    Would you assume the heatsink temp would be decently hot aswell?
  4. No, not unless the fan is not spinning or there is no airflow. Assuming it is staying at 1GHz an minimum voltage, it should be producing very little heat. Thus, the only way for it to be getting that hot is if the CPU heat sink is not well connected. If you are sure it is on decently well, then we can assume the temp probe is wrong/misread. The first thing you could try is updating the BIOS. Until the third BIOS iteration on my Gigabyte board, the correct CPU temp would not be read (though in that case it read too low, causing my CPU fan to turn off). That was the only time I had the BIOS read wrong. If the sensor itself is wrong, then there is nothing you can really do but cool it as best as possible and hope it doesn't actually get that hot one day.
  5. ill try updating the bios
    and yeh it's getting pretty hot -- its almost summer in australia, ive got like open windows, fans etc to keep the room air circulated and not stuffy.
  6. Did you use a good thermal compound when you fitted the heatsink on the new CPU? It would be a good place to start as if the cooler is not taking heat from the CPU effectively then you will never get better temperatures.
  7. well, i used the stock thermal grease stuff which came already pasted on my heatsink. That could possibly be the problem, because the temp was constant 60's with the new fan with the thermal stuff already applied and new CPU.
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