Erased Partition on external hard drive by mistake! Help!


I am Vishaal and I am Working in a Media organization , my seanior give me the task that create dual boot of operating system windows and Linux fedora ( windows already Installed with 90 GB of Data ),And i create 20 gb free space Without lost any data and then insert the Linux fedora 15 DVD ,, when i was intalling the partion i selete wrong option ,, after that all partion had deleted,, after i create new partiton and installed both Operating system ( dual boot) ,, but i had lost company 90 gb of data ,,CAN U Pls HELP that HOW CAN I RECOVER THE DATA PLS???? :( :( :(
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  1. I am sorry, but the data is gone. If you had realized the error right after the Windows partition was deleted there was a chance, but not now.
  2. why u said sorry ,,, i still didnt get resolution ? kindly help me for that
  3. To be more direct: You cannot recover your data, it is gone. There is nothing you can do to recover it because you destroyed it when you reinstalled Windows. If you had stopped right after you deleted the Windows partition you could have used tools to recover the partition and all the files in it.

    That is why I said "sorry", because I feel your pain knowing there is nothing you can do to recover the lost 90GB of data.
  4. Thank you So Much !!!
  5. Hi,

    Now I Got New Big Problem , Pls i want to perfect solution , i am new in Linux , i have install correctly, and i install MySQL, TOMCAT6 , Java , and all requirement to working Apache tomcat, well i install and configuration and deploy all things, and its working properly

    Now i have a problem with URL ,, i have deploy war file and its work file,,,i open the url

    http://localhost:8080/Music --> page is working
    " i want to change the url i.e , I want open same page when i type "http:localhost :8080"

    thats means, when I type :- http://localhost:8080 , SO i want that page will be open, when i type this url in address bar " http://localhost:8080/Music"

    { that means its By default folder i.e" /tomcat/webapps/ROOT" , and i already deploy Music.war file in "tomcat/webapps" and Work fine, i want to change default folder to new Folder , i.e ROOT > Music},,,,,,,,, And one things also there ,,, there is no index.html and index .jsp file in that folder "Music"

    pls help me for that !!!ASAP :(
  6. This should really be posted to the Linux group, but basically you need to edit the Apache httpd.conf file to change the root of the website, then restart Apache for the change to take effect.
  7. hi thanks a alot for your help ,, that my probs i resolve , kindly help me one another task pls,,, ie

    i want to download RTMPE videos :( i searched lot of tools but i didnt get rectification ,, can u help me pls ?,
    but i can download RTMP videos but not rtmpe :(
  8. Real player on Windows does it just fine, and I would expect the Linux version to do the same.
  9. Thanks but Its Not Help Me :( ..... now i am in another prob
  10. xcode cannot find the software image to install this version !!!!!!!! can u help me out ?
  11. You should start a new thread.
  12. what is thread ?
  13. Post a new message in the Linux forum.
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