I have been going through some serious issues with my old hdd from my last computer. The hdd is currently connected to the computer via a USB to SATA/IDE adapter. The old hdd is showing as working properly under device manager. It is also present when I open up computer management. It is listed as Disk 1. The issue is "initializing" it. When I attempt to do so, I select MBR and click OK, I get an error stating that my "device is not ready." Someone please help.
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  1. What version of Windows are you running? I have never heard of initializing a hard drive; if everything is working properly you just plug it in and the drive appears. It sounds like the USB adapter might not be working properly, or the hard drive was originally installed using translation software, or the drive was manually set up in the last PC's BIOS and not set for auto.
  2. I am running Windows 7 64-bit. My old computer took a dump about 2 weeks ago. So i now have a new tower and am trying to salvage my old data off my old IDE hdd.
  3. Here is a copy of the previous thread just so you can have an idea of the issues I have been having.

  4. Hi there,

    There is always a disk status listed in DiskMgmt in the graphical section.

    "Initializing" is a temporary status that occurs when you convert a basic disk into a dynamic disk. When initialization is complete, the disk's status changes to Online.

    Was this HDD set up initially on the old computer as a dynamic disk, or in the context menu of the disk status did you click on Convert to Dynamic Disk?
    The fact that it shows up as Disk 1 is good.

    In the graphical area below, in the Volume Status section (long right rectangle) right click and see if you can assign a drive letter to it, and give the volume a "friendly name" if it says New Volume. That way it will be recognized by the OS and display the Volume name in Windows Explorer.
  5. There is not option to assign a drive letter. The only options available are: Initialize Disk, Offline, Properties, Help.
  6. The Drive Status area in the lower portion of DiskMgmt is the small graphical box containing Disk 1.
    What other status info is there, like Basic, size, Online?? When you right click opening the context menu of the Drive Status, the small square box containing Disk 1, you get Disk status choices, like convert to dynamic disk, offline, properties, help.

    To the right of that in the graphical area, below the blue stripe is the Volume Status. What volume status info does it show you there, like "volumeName, drive letter, size in GB, NTFS, Healthy (primary partition)?
    Right click there and you should have choices like change drive letter or path, and properties where you should be able to change the volume name.

    The info in the two sections is different, pertaining to the Drive itself, or the volumes/partitions created on the drive.
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